Meet Ranger

Ranger is the Maxwell Family's Texas Longhorn steer. He was born in 2002 on a farm in Hastings, Mich. He came to live with the Maxwell family once he was old enough to live away from his mother.

Ranger has gained quite a bit of notoriety in Mid-Michigan as he is one of the only cows in the area that can be ridden with a saddle. He is always a popular feature at local parades. He is an annual attraction at Beaverton’s July 4th Parade, has made several appearances at the Clare St. Patrick’s Day parade, and has also been in the Auburn Corn Festival, and Gladwin Carriage Festival parades. Once, he even made a visit to the Saginaw Children’s Museum!

The most common questions
we hear about Ranger

  • How big are his horns? 
    81 inches tip to tip.

  • How much does he weigh? 
    More than a ton...that's over 2,000 pounds!
  • Is he mean? 
    About as mean as a butterfly. Ranger has a very good disposition and loves attention from his family, particularly when we are scratching one of his itches. However, he is a very large animal and doesn’t really know how big and powerful he is, so we are ALWAYS careful around him and ask others to look but not touch unless we are around.
  • What does he eat? 
    He eats a mixture of hay, grass (in season) and corn. Ranger loves treats, such as dry corn on the cob, apples, and sweet corn when it’s in season. He’s also been known to eat a pumpkin or two, which is pretty impressive considering cows do not have teeth on the top of their mouth!